Our Warranty Policy

Terms & Conditions

  1. It is the intent of Gundie’s to supply each customer with parts of good quality and Serviceability. All parts are warranted 101 days unless otherwise noted on the invoice. Rotating electrical parts are warranted twelve (12) months. Warranty periods are valid from original date of purchase. Special ordered items are limited to supplier’s warranty. EXTENDED PART AND LABOR WARRANTIES are available at time of purchase and will be noted on invoice. GUNDIES MUST BE NOTIFIED PRIOR TO ANY ATTEMPT TO REPAIR OR DISASSEMBLE ANY ITEM BEING SUBMITTED FOR WARRANTY. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THESE POLICIES VOIDS ALL WARRANTIES.
  2. At Gundie’s option, any warranted item will be 1) repaired by Gundies or a facility of their choice, 2) replaced, or 3) money refunded . All returned items are subject to return policy.
  3. Repairable vehicles, cores or any item noted on invoice are sold “as is” and have no warranty implied or expressed.
  4. ENGINES: Engine warranties cover the “long block” assembly. Accessories are not covered by the warranty and may need to be exchanged to accommodate installation. This is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer. Timing belts, spark plugs, gaskets, seals and all related maintenance items should be replaced at time of installation. Oil leaks are not covered by warranty. Engines are equipped with a device that indicates overheating. If engine has been overheated, warranty is void. At Gundies option prior to warranty process, oil from warranted engine may be sent for diagnosis to determine cause of failure. There is a 25.00 charge for non-drained returned engine cores.
  5. TRANSMISSIONS: To validate warranty, purchaser/installer must flush or replace the transmission cooler, flush transmission lines, replace filter, seals and gasket. If system is equipped with screen or check ball, cooler and/or lines must be replaced. Purchaser/installer must also provide documentation that installation, shifter adjustment and electronic diagnostic has been performed immediately following installation by the respective dealership or ATRA certified facility. There is a $15.00 charge on non-drained transmission cores.
  6. DIFFERENTIALS: Differentials are warranted as housing, gears and axles only. Brakes, seals and gaskets are not covered under warranty. It is the Responsibility of the purchaser/installer to add proper type and amount of fluid and to confirm gear ratio is correct.
  7. Returned parts must be returned within 90 days of purchase. They must have original markings, be accompanied by original invoice and are subject to: 1) Acceptance by management and 2) a thirty percent (30 %) handling fee. Cut off body sections and special orders are subject to a fifty (50%) handling fee. Upon inspection, any part that has been damaged or altered will not be accepted for refund, credit or exchange.
  8. Gundies is not responsible for injury, damages or any charges incurred by the installation of any of our products.

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