Dear Valued Customers,

Here at Gundie’s Inc. we have had some major changes over the last 2 yrs. Gundie’s will be making more changes moving forward into 2019 and beyond. One change that will not be happening is the sale or transfer of ownership to LKQ. Gundie’s will remain family owned and operated. Ownership and management will remain the same, Pete and Racelia Gunderson owner/operators/semi-retired. While John Vick the general manger will continue over seeing daily operations of the three stores. Harvey Gunderson remains sales manager and monitoring inventory for the three stores, along with managing the Battleground store. Annette Kirkman is our head of accounting. Store managers include Matt Kay of Bellingham and Nick Windsor of Graham, Henry Zimmerman production manager of Battle Ground.

Things to look forward to with Gundie’s

1. New direct phone system
2. Addition of wholesale and retail sales staff
3. Expanded delivery to Eastern Washington/North Idaho
4. Updated QC pictures of your part order before delivery and at time of delivery.
5. Tailoring specific inventory for customers based on their yearly sales.
6. More updates to our new and improved website, order tracking, online ordering, used car and new inventory updates weekly

The Gunderson Family thanks you for being loyal customers. As we approach 60 years in business our staff looks forward to serving you well into the future.

Please feel free to call or send me an email with any questions or concerns.

My direct email

Best Regards

Pete Gunderson

John Vick
General Manager
Gundie’s Inc

Gundie’s Auto Recyclers
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